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The Dojang (training area)
Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwon follows the Kukkiwon curriculum regarding stances and the application of fundamental blocking, striking and kicking techniques.
To assist our students in understanding the details of each technique a library of individual summary sheets is being developed. Each summary listed below has been approved by Grandmaster Sosa and serves as an authorative document regarding the stance or technique discussed. Click on the items listed below to access approved information on each of these techniques.
Walking Stance
Forward Stance
Straddle Stance
Back Stance
Tiger Stance
Low Block
Middle Block
Outside Block
Hammer Block
High Block
Keibons 1-7
The documents below have not been sent to Grandmaster Sosa for review yet. However, they are still excellent guides to use while learning the techniques.
At the bottom of each poomse document there is a breakdown that gives the count of the stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks in the form.
Taeguk IL Jang
Taeguk Ee Jang
Taeguk Som Jang
Taeguk Sa Jang
Taeguk Oh Jang
Taeguk Yuk Jang
Taeguk Chil Jang
Taeguk Pal Jang
Take Downs
To See Videos of these forms go to our sister Ministry site
Student Info
Student Creed